Thursday, July 12, 2012

Who is this woman?

“Who is this woman and what has she got to do with Psychic Kids?"

This all started with an accident.

In June 2008 I was looking for people who had worked with the Atlanta Shakespeare Company or at The Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern in regards to a book I was writing about the Tavern. I asked a friend there where Chip Coffey was nowadays. Now, I had met Chip in around 1999, while I was performing in the Tempest. He was the artistic director of Kaleidescope Children's Theater, which performed in the building our company owned. I wanted to ask him about his company, and also ask him if he ever encountered our company ghosts. I seriously did NOT know anything about Paranormal State, or Psychic Kids, which had begun at that time. Our mutual friend said "didn't you know?..." Well, that news made it easy to go looking for Chip, and it doomed my book.


I found Chip's discussion board (which he had started a few years earlier), filled with fans. But Chip had become so busy with both shows, he couldn't be there. This busy board was filled with people wanting answers to psychic and paranormal problems, someone to tell them how to do things, not just wanting readings or to know his personal details. And there were some people giving answers. Some of them rather unhelpful answers.

Three things caused me to make the decision that stopped my focus on my book for good: A teenager came on wanting help to learn how to master and control demons, another boy was terrified that he was possessed by demons because he had massive headaches and zigzag vision (these are symptoms of the same form of migraine I suffered for years) and - all the people on there, looking for what they could do, instead of wanting someone to tell them about their futures.

Within a month I messaged Chip and said, "you need a moderator, and I want to do it." He agreed.

This went back on a very old vow of mine. I was never comfortable being a Psychic. I don't like reading people. Even though I'm precognitive, I don't like telling the future. So, yes, I have the abilities, but I never wanted to develop them and become a professional Psychic. Most of my abilities developed themselves over time, without consulting others about what to do, and this gave me a rather unusual perspective: I didn't learn from the various traditional methods, I learned from experience, mixed with a huge very Virgoan dose of being an analyst who takes notes of everything, and having a thought process that is half skeptic and half believer. I learned what works by paying attention. And I learned what works by lots of trial and error.

In earlier years when I tried to bring up the methods I had found that worked, this seemed threatening to other psychic teachers, because it was different from what they had learned to teach. They didn't know what to make of it. That's just it - it is only different. In as many ways as we have learned to use our abilities, and find so many experiences in common, the thing that governs our experiences are rooted in our individual beliefs and traditions. My chosen method  is this: Let go of belief as a rigid thing, and instead learn how to choose belief and use it responsibly. Rely on common sense. Pay attention to what is happening all around you and within you and learn from what you perceive. And keep it simple!

I treat psychic sense as a natural sixth sense, not a supernatural sense. It's a sense with which some are more farsighted than most others, but everyone has this sixth sense. It allows us to perceive what goes on inside our brains, our thoughts and emotions. For those who are far-sensed, or psychic, it helps us pick up information that is coming from outside conscious energy directly into our brains.

Like any other of our senses, it's got its strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I feel it becomes compromised the more we expect of it, so I prefer to just be open to what comes to me, rather than expect it to deliver what I'm looking for. This openess has always given me the clearest information. It resulted in my motto: "you can't tell a gift how to come."

What do I do exactly?

My psychic strengths are:

Empathic psychometry, directly by touch, which allows me to feel the different levels of energy in a person. As a singer and musican, this helps me do something unusual: I can give people I touch an idea of what their essential energy is like through music. This helps people get in touch with their essential selves.

I am a dreamworker. I live a complete life in the dreamstate, and what I learn and do there is as important to me as "reality." That is a huge topic, I'll only touch on here. My precognition and clairvoyance comes largely through dreams; that is the state in which I am most psychically aware.

I am a medium. In fact, I am something that I've ended up calling a beacon - my energy is so high, I draw them to me. I had the disconcerting experience two years ago of drawing a stuck spirit from England, who felt completely trapped, but was with me in my Kentucky home. That taught me a lot about the illusion of location! Odd twist on an old theme: I rarely see the ghosts of dead people. I often see the ghosts of living people. The dead usually make physical contact and sort of push and pull me into what they need. As I'm growing older I am also hearing more voices.

I teach about past life recall. I have a lot of experience with reincarnation and past life recall and have been advising people about recall for eight years now. I have three verified past lives, one as Christian Bayer, an 18th century Bavarian; Esther Waterhouse, the wife of the painter John William Waterhouse, which was my latest past life; and a famous past life that I don't openly discuss unless a memory becomes relevant, and until people get to know me a bit better. I have varying degrees of recall about lives stretching back to pre-historic times.

I work in a close partnership with a spirit guide I call Brendan, who reminds me every time I write those words, that I take him for granted, and I do. But I also appreciate him more than I can say, as I appreciate all my spirit guidance, seen and unseen.

My psychic weaknesses are:

My imagination and my emotions. I always have to thin them out and put them aside. I call this constant process Psychic Laundry.

What's the most usual thing I do? Sense the underbelly of people's feelings. I can't help it. But I keep those feelings private, it's their privacy, and in many cases it's things they don't want to be aware of. I respect that. I try to be very careful what I tell people, but sometimes people realize that I know things they don't want known, and they react by disliking me intensely. I am too clear a mirror.

What's the most unusual thing I do? I'll have to think about that one. I do a lot of things.

Those who do a lot of things teach. That's why I am a psychic tutor.

Other than psychic work I am a musician, writer, playwright, actor, artist, and craftswoman. This divides my time up into little pieces, and not only has NOT made me financially rich, but keeps me dirt poor - I can't seem to do without any of it. It all helps me look at things from unusual angles, and what I find when paying attention teaches me so much, and I hope helps others as well. Love, for me, is an attraction to all things amazing, in people, places and things. Life has been a struggle, sometimes extremely so, but it's never been without that love.

I'm going to stop waiting now... If I had a child who told me he or she were seeing ghosts: I would first listen, and show them I was calm and not afraid, and help them face the fear and deal with that incident. It would also help them to know I was listening to them, and not brushing them off. If it was their imagination, they would not bring it up in the same way again. But if they did, I would listen closer: were the details pretty much the same as they were before? Then I'd look into any natural causes that would make that activity happen, if not in the house, then watch what else was happening with my child. Was my child unable to concentrate? How emotional would my child get? Were there any repeated manic actions? A persistent lack of control or distress - that's when you're getting into needing medical help. Don't assume anything - be open and pay attention. And above all do not frighten your child. When they come to the natural point where all children MUST face some kind of "boogie man," whether it is imaginary, medical, emotional, or, LEAST common, actually paranormal, it does not help if the most unwanted boogie man of all jumps out at them: the fear in you.

Let go of the fear and take up the wonder. Teach this to your children. They deserve amazing things.

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