Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Famous Psychic Syndrome

Many people feel that psychic sense is a HUGE THING. Too many believe if they find they have psychic sense they should use it professionally, and, too often, launch into the psychic reading business without actually having a clue of what they are doing.

With only a few exceptions, all of the best psychic sensitives I know have never been professional, and aren't interested in being professional. I'm not a professional psychic reader. I'm a teacher. And it's not an example of the old saying "those who can't, teach," it's about not wanting to be placed in a situation where I am expected to perform, instead of giving information that comes to me simply because I'm the right person to receive it and pass the information along to where it needs to go.

When we are asked to perform, we set ourselves up for a higher rate of failure. But people want the performance. That's why the best known professional psychics and mediums are, without exception, better performers  than they are psychics. That's not saying they are all frauds, just that public appearance places the skill for entertainment over the other. How attractive a psychic is depends most on the performance side of things. But the ones who last in the profession, last best because of the psychic ability.

How many of the famous psychics of the past can you name? Those who lean heavily on the performance side of the equation become forgotten - unless some scandal keeps them around as great trivia bits. Otherwise, they are visible only as long as they continue to perform, much like many performers.

I have received many e-mails over the past few years from people who think only a famous psychic can help them. They refuse help from anyone else. But famous psychics' main gift isn't saving people. Famous psychics make people aware. They open the doors. It's usually the most quiet and practical psychics that give the most help. No flash, no fancy moves, no stages, just common sense.  You have to dig to find the great ones.

The best ways to find a good psychic counselor is to attend psychic gatherings and conventions, and talk to a lot of people. Gravitate towards the practical, easy to approach, people. Read blogs and articles on the Internet with this goal in mind: take the ones who treat psychic ability and paranormal experiences as a normal part of their lives and give practical advice about such things, seriously. Those who make their abilities out to be sensational are in the business of making a show.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Break Is Done

I wanted a bit of a break before beginning this blog anew. For those of you who have been members of the Chip Coffey discussion board, or once read my materials on The Psychic School on Squidoo, you probably know that, now, both are gone. I removed the school because of changes at Squidoo; Chip recently removed the discussion board without notice. I want to say again I appreciate and remember the feedback we had from about 9,000 members from 2008 until 2013, in over 2,000 threads, of which about 1750 were still up and being read until 2013. Some of the ideas developed there will be shared once again in this blog, but I have to say, the members who spent so much time and care taking part in the discussions on the board in the past, I will not forget, you were terrific, and you are missed. I am glad some of us have kept in touch and become friends outside of the board.

I am a writer now, who will be developing psychic, paranormal, and reincarnation subjects into stories and plays I hope a wide audience will enjoy. The first novel A Small Tale of Shakespeare, is available through It's a novel about how the reality of past life recall often has nothing to do with our ideas of reincarnation - especially if you happen to know a tiny woman who remembers being William Shakespeare!

Let me know if you have any questions about any psychic topics. I'm here when you need me.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Laying Belief Aside To Open Awareness

We are the makers of demons. No one else. Behind every demonic idea is a human mind.

There will be more on this topic, again, and again, as this blog continues. It's the cornerstone of what I teach about psychic ability. Shared on another website today:

Belief is a powerful detour from what the sixth sense is, which is normal. I grew up with all the legends and stories and the fears people had because of them. Then I laid down the idea I had come from a long line of natural witches, I laid down the fears the church had instilled in us, and I just paid attention to what I was experiencing, and how it all worked. I found that problems with the dark side only existed for those who believe in them. Belief in darkness creates the darkness. When you step away from the belief and replace it with a stronger belief in yourself, one that makes the fear calm down, the magically dark problems aren't there. Any idea of fate or destiny goes away and is replaced by the CHOICE we have in how our gifts are used, and what we experience. We need our psychic sense free to handle the darkness that comes out of everyday things. Belief distracts us. Lay the stories aside, clear your mind, and find out what you actually have within you.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Why You Should Develop Your Psychic Ability

The following article was originally published on as part of my project, The Psychic School on Squidoo. It was intended as a learning tool for the fans of Chip Coffey and the A & E series, Psychic Kids. The Psychic School was removed from Squidoo in 2013.

If Only We Could Know...

It was a heart breaking moment:
“He has died...”

After a little boy became lost in the snow 48 hours before, a woman of the Chip Coffey community contacted our group for help. Two of us tried, but we weren't getting any signal from him, and I became stuck, pointing out the direction he went from his house, but not able to go past a certain point. I can't pick up anything at all when someone is unconscious - it's like getting a blank slate. We sent them prayers and energy and hoped. But it was too late. If someone could have sensed the location earlier, his life might have been saved..

It's a failure that often can't be helped. We haven't known enough about how the sixth sense works.

Psychic ability is like any talent or gift: some of us have a lot of it, some a little. But everyone has, within them, some seed of this ability that can be developed, and should be. I am going to give you some reasons why you should develop yours as much as possible.

How often have you seen an animal seem to have a forewarning that something is about to happen? Have you ever lost a pet in unusual circumstances, only to have that pet find its way to you against all odds? It's not just that animals are aware of things by keenly using their five senses - they are often using a sixth sense. Watch a cat move out of the way for an invisible presence, or a dog bark directly at something that, for you, is not there at all. They are able to pick up things we have blocked from our minds.

All conscious animals have a basic sixth sense. Some have it more than others. As humans we have different degrees of it, the most basic level being known as intuition, or gut feeling. But how many of us ignore our gut feelings altogether?

“He seemed so nice.”

“We never saw it coming.”

“We could all see it, but she didn't seem to have a clue.”

“But she was my best friend! How come I didn't know?”

“If we could only have found that child an hour earlier!”

Being caught off guard and not being able to see a problem coming happens because we have gotten so used to just paying attention to the surface things, and not paying attention to the unseen. Or perhaps you do get gut feelings, but ignore them because you think you are crazy - everything on the surface seems just fine. We want to deny anything that doesn't seem right.

Learning to pay attention both to your intuitions and to what is going on around you helps you break through layers of denial and to stay aware. It could save you from harm.

I was walking home after dark one evening when my warning signals started going off. Two normal looking teen boys were walking about 100 feet behind me on the same side of the street. Nothing on the surface would tell me anything was wrong, but my alarm system was going off like crazy. I crossed the street. They crossed the street after me - I didn't have to look around - I knew it. I started making a plan. Looking around the otherwise deserted street, reaching in my purse for my keys, and opening up my psychic portal to stay completely aware of what they were doing. I saw a well lit part of the street where I hoped I would have an advantage - a grassy bank, where at least if they tried to take me down I could manage to fall and stay somewhat upright. I crossed the street again to get to it. I felt them make an agreement and got ready.

They broke into a run and split up so one could get in front of me, and one behind me - except I quickly turned sideways, with that bank behind me, and the keys held like a knife in my hand. I called on the warrior in me then dropped my voice two octaves and in my craziest loudest voice yelled “Come on baby! Come to Mama!”

I scared the bejesus out of them. They climbed that grassy bank in terror and got away. Later after I talked to the police I would give myself time to shake with the fear I had hidden, but in that moment, I had been warned, I managed my fear, I made a plan, and I got out safe and sound.

That's what paying psychic attention to your surroundings can do for you.

In another instance: I had a feeling I couldn't shake, and a series of weird little mishaps mad me get off track with the city transit. I couldn't catch a bus in the direction I needed to go - they weren't appearing! It was pouring rain, so I got on the next bus going in the wrong direction. That's when it hit me, as I was paying the fare.

“I know this will sound strange,” I said in a calm normal voice to the driver, “but I have a feeling you need to pay close attention on this trip.”

She hated me saying that. She complained as we continued down the road, saying how nervous that made her. I apologized, and again in a normal and calm voice I told her, “I've learned not to ignore when I get something like this. Just pay attention and it will be okay.”

She listened and paid attention, but kept grumbling - until a white pickup shot out of nowhere and came into our lane, heading for a head-on collision. He missed us by inches, and took off. If she had not been paying close attention, at his speed and angle, the damage to her would have hurt her badly.

If I had not gotten on that bus, she would also have been alone when it happened.

We are not always meant to prevent a situation, but if you pay attention to the warnings and act on them in a sensible way, you can stop something terrible from happening.

Sometimes, paying attention keeps you out of company you shouldn't keep.

He was good looking, well dressed, charming, attentive, polite, just a lovely conversationalist. I sat back and didn't join in the talk at the table. At one point he got into the chair next to me. I stayed polite, but didn't let him in my space. He felt the wall.

“Don't you like me?”

I just looked at him and didn't say a word. He went away. The friend I was with said, “what's up? Isn't he cool?”

I said, 'No. He's dangerous.”


A few weeks later Mr. Charming was arrested for murder in a drug deal gone bad.

When you use your psychic sense you can feel when something is wrong, and protect yourself by staying away from trouble.

Sometimes it warns you of inevitable things, and sometimes, it overrides all barriers – even death.

My mother died suddenly on a day that was quarrelsome and unhappy. It was Thanksgiving, and everyone else in the family decided to be somewhere else - there were only my ill parents and me. She died suddenly of a burst aorta, but I had somehow felt something terrible coming - I just was blind to what. I don't think she was - I think she knew, and didn't say, because she was restless and even more miserable than usual for weeks. You couldn't mention Thanksgiving to her without her looking sad. But all our foreboding did not stop it from being a bad death, with no goodbye.

And yet: I already knew there really is no such thing as goodbye. I trusted what I knew.

She first came back two weeks later. I was in bed when I heard her call my name from out in the hall, sad and lonely. I started talking to her from the bed - I didn't want to disturb her. But my father, who had Alzheimer's, flew out of his bedroom, looking for her everywhere.

She was gone. It took me hours to get him calmed down.

The next day he said the last full cognitive thing he ever said to me. “You know, Mama's sad. Not mother, not grandmother. That's death..”

I started talking to Mom all the time, not caring if I couldn't see her. A few days later she came back in a dream and I woke up to realize she was sitting, invisible, on the side of my bed. We talked everything out. We reached resolutions we could not reach while she was alive. And she realized that even dead she DID have the ability to be a mother and grandmother, still. She stayed active in our lives until she reached a point where she was ready to move on, because she was able to fulfill her motherhood in the ways possible to her on the other side. In another post, later, I'll share her full story with you.

We all have the possibilities for resolution. Not just in contacting people after death, but in solving problems, finding what we have lost, healing what is hurt, doing what we can to make amends, with tools that we don't seem to have on the surface of things. We have so many more possibilities than you can know, if you never get in touch with your own psychic sense...

Get ready to learn some of the many ways psychic sense can be used on a daily basis. In the coming posts, you'll find common - and many surprising - ways that information comes to us solely on the back of the energy within us, around us, and from far away.


Moving The Psychic School to here...

The Psychic School at Squidoo has been closed, and the materials are being moved here. I have learned the past few years that  while websites like say they are interested in quality writing, and have attracted some wonderful writers, what they don't say is just how much they wish to take advantage of those writers, with little consideration. I would rather keep my materials under my control and keep the presentation and pages simple and easy to use. So bear with me, I have to undo all the html claptrap Squidoo loaded us down with as I shift the documents over here. The material will be updated, and well worth the wait...

Monday, September 24, 2012

To Preserve Freedom...

My mind turns on three basic foundations of thought, that might seem at odds on the surface, but they keep each other on balance, at least the more I've learned about them: rational, critical thinking; psychic sense; and creative vision. These things collide in my dreams when the universal consciousness is under stress. What do I mean? I don't just dream my anxieties. As a psychic dreamworker, I pick up a lot of other people's anxieties as well. Which means, during the past few years especially, my dreams are often hell to have. I had a lot of destructive dreams in 2012 in particular. They became dreams of war. No, you know by now I wasn't prophesying war. I was picking up mindsets of people who were in chaos. But let me explain something in the next posts, that I realized in the most vivid  dreams of that election time:

I have had many prophetic dreams. When I dream of actual war or some kind of destruction coming, I dream of great storms and black tornadoes (signs of negative change) everywhere. I will dream of specific geographical indicators of where trouble will occur. In these dreams I wasn't seeing those signs. In fact, the world was beautiful and in order. There were no drastic changes in the weather. I dreamt a lot about the president, dreams in which we were in schools, in restaurants, and at sports events, clear puns that speak of learning lessons, a nourished public, and healthy competition. I never have a bad dream when the president is in it. The dream is always clear and precise. This particular dream I h'm recalling from 2012 did not have the president in it, but, finally, another bad dream made itself clear, which meant this one made me both highly stressed and relieved!

In this dream, in a world with clear skies and full of spring growth, when my family was gathering together again, a part of the population in our town decided they were at war. The world wasn't, just our local people, who had decided that to protect their freedom they needed to destroy those who would take the freedoms away. They wanted the Walmart saved, the fast food chains protected, the streets of the little town secure. They wanted my hometown returned to the way it was years ago. They announced the war, revved up for it, and made those of us who did not go along with that idea prepare to go into hiding or protect ourselves. Yet the world was still all right. The sun was shining. Spring was everywhere, in a dream full of beautiful colors. I took in everything I could of the beauty, not knowing what would happen next. 

As I was traveling down the road past fields full of azaleas and flowering trees, right when the war was supposed to be starting, I realized the war had already been fought and won. All the people who had decided that there were enemies among us, enemies who wanted to destroy our freedoms, were gone. They had destroyed themselves. They had achieved what they wanted to do. They turned the enemy into nothing.

Look at the mindset of those who have ever made a war. What was their purpose? Were they focused on that purpose? How did it turn out? The focus of those who are fighting the hardest in America right now is over freedoms we haven't actually lost. They wanted to destroy who would take away their freedom. They were the enemy of their own freedoms. So they were self-destructing. 

Two years after this dream, they are still self destructing. They have no heroes, no leaders, and the followers are tired. They are wearing down. And yet the world is still beautiful. And I no longer dream their nightmares.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Illusive Reality - Personal Perception

There is something that must be understood in order to achieve clarity: In all personal reality, there is illusion. Then, how can I call it reality? Personal reality is how we construct our personal perception of the world around us. Physical reality is a stable expression of the material universe, one that follows universal laws that are the same in all circumstances, as far as we know at this point in time. Personal reality is fluid, and can alter in any moment, depending on these four things: Physical sense, mental awareness, doubt, and belief. These four things are always affecting our perception of what is happening within and around us. They are the factors that shift our perception constantly between clarity and imagination, and make our lives truly individual, unique experiences.