Friday, August 26, 2011

Following The Path Of Psychic Sense

For the past three years I've been working with the fans of Chip Coffey, following the success of his appearances on the A & E paranormal series Paranormal State and Psychic Kids. During those years, thousands of people got in touch through Chip's discussion board looking for help with their own abilities, and paranormal events. We set up a safe place there that offered practical self help, information and solutions. Unlike other paranormal and supernatural discussion boards, we curbed the tendency to focus on the supernatural and on superstitious fear factors, and focused on things that made the most sense for the most people.

It was a tough thing to do. The success of the Chip Coffey discussion board was due in large to the number of people willing and able to take part in the discussion in thoughtful, helpful ways. It has been a great support forum, and the work we did there is still available to read and participate in, at The Chip Coffey discussion board. But, like all discussion boards, it has wound down. I have started another discussion board at The Psychic Tutor's Psychic School to expand the work, but, it has not yet attracted many people. I had established a series of articles at, but found myself caught up in an atmosphere of creating revenue for people other than the writers - it had become rather like an Internet sweat shop. You can still find the articles at The Psychic School on Squidoo, and more on several other websites I will link to later on, but the requirements of time and effort on writers' websites has become too much for my schedule. I needed a place where I can teach and not worry about the word count before I publish.

For years I started blogs but gave up on them too soon, thinking what good can they really do? How can they get any attention? But after trying other methods of writing, I discovered that a blog really is the best way to teach, to share, to get specific thoughts across in a simple and readable way. I have written a few small books, at a time when printed material is no longer the way to go. The requirements of constructing articles according to other people's rules gets in the way of the work I do as a multi-media artist. I am having to make the scale of everything I do small and manageable. So, here I am.

This will be a place to share not only suggestions, explanations and information about psychic ability and paranormal events, but to tell the stories of living with psychic sense. I will reprint from my other sources. I will offer new ideas that few people have ever thought about. I am a psychic theorist. I weave together ideas that come from science, psychology, and philosophy. This blog will touch on subjects from ESP to reincarnation. I'll finally be able to fulfill some long standing requests from friends and fans! And we'll be in a better position to discuss them here.

I'll also share stories about psychically gifted people I have met along the way. There will be new perspectives about some things we have always thought were one kind of ability, that really are another. There will be constant updates as I move material here from the other places I have kept them. Much to read. I hope you find it all useful and entertaining.

If you love what you find here, please take the opportunity to discover all my work. You'll find more available at my main website. Thank you, and blessings...

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