Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Questions From The Fringe

Answering Questions from people who attack out of ignorance and hatred: I'll add to this later on...

The entire argument of "Christ never did this why should Psychics" comes up often and is a pretty puzzling argument. Number one: whoever brings it up is admitting they think Christ was a psychic, which by all accounts he was. At the same time, they're saying all psychics should be like Christ. Why would any of us assume to be Christ? Wouldn't that be telling people, according Christian beliefs, "hello, we're all powerful, like God." We have no right to assume that mantle, and do NOT. It's a misconception to think psychic ability is a supernatural, religious, or Godly POWER. It is a natural sixth sense. If you go to a psychic who makes claims that he or she can work miracles for you, leave. That's a con artist.

‎"Christ never charged for his services and neither should you." That's my roflmao all time favorite nonsense. Jesus of Nazareth had bills. He had to buy staples and pay rent and taxes just like anyone else. When he entered his full time mission, and was no longer a carpenter, his followers and THE PEOPLE WHO USED HIS SERVICES fed him, clothed, him, housed him, and paid for that donkey that eventually carried him into Jerualem. GET REAL. If you don't pay psychic advisors for their services, they can't do psychic work. If you think they should, please go into your workplace tomorrow morning and tell your boss, "I want continue to work here, but you don't have to pay me one cent for all my work. I think it's a privilege to work fior you, not a necessity that helps me survive. Why should I make you pay?"

Be glad psychic advisors tell you when you have a problem you should take to a doctor, lawyer, or counselor. That means you have a legitimate psychic advisor. I can do medical psychometry to a point, but that doesn't mean I'm a doctor, I'm not going to diagnose you. I know a fair amount about psychology, and use it to give advice, but I know the difference between emotional counseling and mental illness. When we tell someone they should talk to a mental health worker, we know that's the best help for the situation. The most heartbreaking requests I've ever had was from parents who would rather think their children are possessed by negative entities than face they are ill. Illness can be cured faster than ignorance in many cases.

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