Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Damage That Demon Chasers Do

There is a distinct difference between the paranormal and the supernatural - something I will go into time and again on this blog. The paranormal involves events that we experience but can't understand the essence of without research. The supernatural gives us explanations without necessarily arriving at the truth: explanations based on religion, legend, mythology, all things used by people who jump ahead to create causes without knowing what they really are. I appreciate the poetry and creativity of the mythology of how good and evil exist in the world. But actually believing in demons does not help anything: It makes fear grow.

Belief can create far, far more than we realize. And while humans love the use of the demonic images to blame evil on something else, the evil of mankind always comes from within. We create the demons. And we can uncreate them. It is a matter of learning to let go of fearful beliefs, and learning that we have the choice to believe responsibly.

A belief in demons is ingrained in a number of forms of Christianity, and I understand the basic belief in them. I once shared that belief. But once I realized my belief might be making things worse, I chose to put it aside. The result was I have found handling instances of negative psychic disturbances - in fact, ALL negative disturbances - much easier to handle now. I look at what is going on rather than trying to build the situation into something it isn't. This one change in perception has made a tremendous difference in my life, from handling depression to handling real danger from violence.

Many people believe in demons to understand their fears of evil. It's part of the way we have always coped with the frightening and unknown.

But some people continue to aggressively seek out, create, and thus build up, "demonic" dangers.

Of all the sub-groups in the paranormal field, the demon chasers can be the most dangerous. Some chasers begin by thinking this is the right thing to do, and discover that it isn't. For them, it is part of a path to psychic growth, something they outgrow as they learn more about paranormal reality. There are chasers who want the thrill of the game of hunting, and that's what it remains for them. But the extreme chasers often feel they have a "mission from God" to rid the world of evil, and impose themselves on people and in situations they have no business with. They often have psychological problems that make it difficult for them to deal with their own darkness, so they  feel redemption is in taking on the sins of the world. They have difficulty relating to people. They are obsessed with other people's behavior, and do little about their own habits. They are psychological wrecks trying to say everyone else is wrong. In this case - they are the demons.

They want what all demonic personalities want: They want to build up their own importance, and they want to be seen as heroes. They want attention, and go after it. They will brag about who is paying attention to them. They attack whoever doesn't like them. And then they will point out how wonderful they are because they attack people they think deserve to be treated badly. In other words, they believe they are Godly in the way of making themselves gods. Very, very mean and little gods.

They are abusive personalities. It is very possible that they are guilty of the abuses they attribute to other people. They obsess oveer the things they secretly want to do. And they are too dense to realize many people just might know that.

I have seen the photograph of a demon chaser sitting with the large cat-like image  of a carved wooden demon, gesturing as he talks about the image. What I would guess he is NOT saying is: "have you noticed how much this image looks like me? The same prominent cheekbones, the wide jaw, the sloping eyes and forehead? This is me. I am a demon. And my pleasure depends on making YOU as afraid as possible."

The idea in Harry Potter books of using a charm to make what we fear look ridiculous comes in handy even in real life. Whenvere this particular man starts his nonsense up around me, I think of this picture, and he is no longer anything but what he is - someone who has done nothing with his life that can really help anyone, not even himself.

No matter what you believe: if someone insists on frightening you, ask yourself what his or her motives are instead of just buying into the fear. Never let a demon chaser use you by making you afraid to use your own sense. The demon chaser is hungry for fear and attention. Give this creature nothing.

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