Thursday, July 12, 2012

Differences Between Ghosts And Spirits

Can we physically determine whether we are in contact with a spirit, or a ghost?  I'm not certain yet. My two cents: Now that I've had a few conversations with Brendan, my spirit guide, around a K-2 meter - I'm sort of a ghost magnet, sometimes, so when a spirit that is trapped on or truly engaged on this plane is around me, there are readings around me - but, so far, not when Brendan is active. I haven't had a K-2 around when he physically interacts with me so I don't know if this would change in that instance or not. Otherwise, Brendan isn't on the same plane - Brendan seems to communicate with me non-locally. It's all being perceived within my brain. Would this change when he does the knocks and touches me - don't know - it may not. How can we know until we have a way to measure things? Most of the time, though, I feel connection even with attached spirits is a non-local thing that only the person receiving would pick up. We each work with different channels, just like trying to pick up analog radio. You and I could be in the same room and pick up different things, unless the spirit is working really hard to just get back on this plane, period. I feel the ghosts who leave the best evidence in a space could care less who is around - they are just focused on getting back to this familiar plane. Then anyone can pick up they are there. If they are focused on communication, then they will concentrate on just contacting one person from whatever plane they are on. That's what I feel makes sense, from what I've experienced over the years.

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