Thursday, July 12, 2012

Grounding and Creativity

Because you are working directly with conscious energy, knowing how to ground yourself is as important as knowing how to shield.

There are a number of methods that teach you to imagine attaching yourself to the earth in some way. That’s not grounding, that’s securing yourself. There’s a huge difference. Security is a great and necessary thing at times. But grounding means keeping yourself from building up dangerous levels of your own energy, or allowing excessive energy that hits you to flow off without causing you damage. For that you need something that will conduct the energy away from you, and channel it in a benign way. For that, it’s best to simply turn to the science of energy grounding.

A ground is matter that allows energy to flow off and disburse instead of building up. Energy does NOT seek containment – it needs to flow. So if you give it a place where it can do that, it’s going to leave you alone.
To ground yourself, make contact with something bigger than you are that is porous and has a lot of different ways that allows the energy to flow off. The best thing for this – the earth of course! But wood, brick, or other porous material can help. Don’t touch metal – you’ll make yourself part of a live circuit! Any material that conducts energy shouldn’t be touched. Anything small than you won’t have enough mass to attract the energy away from you. Think big – go find a wall to stand against. Go hug a tree!

All you have to do is touch it. Our energy is conscious and smart and knows when it feels the way it can go. You don’t have to hold on for dear life, just make good contact with it and let the stuff flow off.
The important thing is: let it go. You might be holding it back without knowing it. You have to open the gate between yourself and the ground. You do that by simply believing in what you are doing.

You can also use this to ground yourself emotionally. Not so much by going to hug a wall, but to let bad feelings flow into doing something bigger than yourself. This is something called sublimation – not subliminal messaging, but talking the energy of something that doesn’t feel good and applying it to a bigger and better use. Even negative energy and feelings have good uses, if you make the effort to find them. Creativity is a great way of grounding yourself emotionally – just think big!

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