Monday, September 5, 2011

Supernatural Trolls

One of the down sides to any kind of professional practice is dealing with badly managed competition. The silly side of professional psychic work is that if you're good enough to attract the attention of many, many people, you're also good enough to attract the harrassment of supernatural trolls, who are really in competition with you.

No, not the fun trolls like my friend here, Ik the Troll, who I worked with at the Georgia Renaissance Festival for many years. I'm talking about the kind of trolls who want to disrupt things so people will come pay attention to them. They are either the kind who want you to buy their books on how everything you are interested in is fake, or tell you psychic or paranormal interests are evil so you will come to them and pay them to rid you of your evil. Then there are the people who were in the psychic hotline or other businesses who actually were caught doing something wrong, and want to get their money mojo back by attacking professional psychics so people will think they, themselves, have to be legitimate if they're pointing out how bad others are.

Rule of thumb: If someone is personally attacking someone, that's a crime. Period. I found out you can't attack back, because that gives more attention to them and a heck of a lot more work for you. They really have no conscience about what they're doing, they'll use any trick in the book. They are con artists. Don't get sucked into it.

If you dig far enough, you find the skeletons in all their closets.  Examples some of the ones who spout the most posts about psychics being evil and the spawn of satan are professional exorcists; those who want to prove psychics are fakes have their own fakery - sometimes PSYCHIC fakery - in their background. They use sock puppets - either fake identities or the kind of friends that always trail around behind bullies at school - to make little posts about how wonderful they are. Then they wait for those who have fallen for their bait. I have cleaned up some horrible messes from professional exorcists, events that terrified everyone in a home -especially the children. One of these exorcists that I had to clean up the mess of, regularly attacks well known psychics, claiming he is more gifted and intelligent than they are. If he is, video and photoshop work isn't among his talents - he fakes evidence, brings it back to the client and says "you have a major demonic infestation here, let me get rid of it for you." Then he attacks any psychic who tells you to choose your psychic advisor carefully.

The good advice comes from those who mean that. Really, truly, choose psychic advice carefully. I can never say that enough. If you believe in it and want it, then you should have the best experience available. Don't fall for the hucksters and hacks.

In the meantime, just ingore the trolls, which aren't really that many. On the Psychic Kids facebook page I monitor, there are about ten out of about 19,000 members who liked the page who come there to make trouble. That's an amazingly tiny number. They make an awful lot of noise, but so does a box full of nothing but paper when you reach into it.

Trolls like Ik are so much more fun. Go read more about him here. And pay attention to the poster Ik's creator Bryan Thompson made, which is the image for this post. If their words are sweet like kittens, the words are bait. There are times "God bless" isn't a blessing, it's a hook.

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