Saturday, September 10, 2011

Psychic Forensics - Solving Mysteries

This is a term that the paranormal investigator Stacey Jones uses to describe paranormal investigations, but, for me, it means investigating disappearances and crimes.

This is one of the top three things most people expect out of psychic ability. We used to get requests for this on Chip Coffey's discussion board constantly before I put up a notice that we would not do this. It's the one thing most people learning to use their psychic sense wish they could do.

Be careful what you wish for.

First of all, let me repeat what I say often: Psychic sense is not a magic ability. It is a normal sixth sense as prone to mistakes as any other sense. Have you ever seen the chef Gordon Ramsay blindfold professional cooks and ask them what meat they are tasting? Some of them are not able to tell the difference between the taste of beef and chicken! You can see something in the distance and when you arrive find it's not what you thought it was at all. You can believe you hear something in the static of a phone that isn't there. Our senses are NOT infallible, because our brains are ALWAYS interpreting what we are sensing according to what we already know.

When trying to sense what happened in an disappearance or a crime, you come to the task with baggage already in place. I've seen a talented sensitive completely misread a crime because she was a mother, and her fears for her own children made her interpret things in the wrong direction. I usually only get feelings, which doesn't give me much to work with. Asked to help find a missing young man, I immediately got a sense of simply being wiped out of life from left to right. There was barely time for shock. This was all the young man knew. It turned out he was on a dark road he didn't know, texting while he drove, and the road curved, sending his car from the left to the right straight into a retention pond. That was it.

The conscious energy of someone who has crossed over usually knows very little about what happened. When you're having a crime committed on your body or an accident is happening, your mind isn't taking notes - it's going into shock. The feelings are the strongest memory. And, in spite of what many people hope, I have not experienced any communication from the dead that convinces me we become all seeing, all knowing after we die. If we ever do, that is something for our higher selves. After death we are dealing with the memories of the ego first, our higher consciousness later. Frankly - our higher consciousness does not care how we die. For the purest form of our consciousness, all that is transition. When the concerns of the ego are lost, so are the pains of memories.

I found, through sensing two separate cases, that if psychic ability is going to give really helpful information, it's going to have to come from the person or persons who commit the crime. In the first instance, I completely refused to give impressions: I saw the murder, but I also saw a line of policemen that went on forever, each holding the murder weapon. It turned out this was what the relatives of the victim suspected, and we went no further - it was dangerous for them.

The only case I have ever actually been able to help on was given as an anonymous lead. Not only was I getting impressions, two sensitive friends were getting impressions that they kept contacting me with, even though they knew nothing about the case. A college professor killed his wife and two of her friends, then disappeared. The victims were friends of a friend of mine. The moment I heard of the crime, I went to Google maps and pinpointed where he had gone. But I didn't trust myself. I said nothing. Still the impressions kept nagging me, impressions that came not from the victims, though the victims were coming to me for help. I was getting impressions from the killer, and I knew it. He had died about a day after they did.

He was bragging. He had pulled off something amazing and no one would ever find him. What?

I knew exactly where he had gone, because a few days later they found his vehicle parked near the reservoir I had zoomed in on. I waited for them to find him. They didn't. They kept checking the airport and looking everywhere else. I was frustrated. He is near the place where the vehicle was found, why aren't they finding him? Finally, with a feeling like a bad child pleased with himself, the killer bragged: "I buried myself before I shot myself."

I thought - no, that's not possible. But I heard from my two friends that they were getting impressions that backed up what I got.

I finally called my friend who knew them all, and asked her if she minded if I told her something psychic. She said go ahead. I gave her as much detail as possible. She said she knew a member of the search and rescue team, and would contact him. This began her job as a go-between, as I sent the directions of where to start looking. I told them they had to use cadaver dogs.

The next day, on the news, I saw a video of the police cars parked exactly where I told them to start looking - the point on Google street view which was closest to the place I needed them to go. It took them a day and a half to search with cadaver dogs. I was so tense I went to a movie on Saturday morning. When I got home, the friend had left a message on my phone: "They found him. Just like you said."

He had dug a shallow grave and lay down in it with his gun, then dragged a wooden pallet covered with dirt and limbs and leaves slowly over himself. It was hard work. His hand was not steady when he shot himself. It took time to die.

I stayed anonymous with the police. The friend asked them if they would give me a reward and was told "we would have found him anyway." I hadn't expected any would come. The dogs got the credit. That was good. They finished the work three sensitives started.

It was very strange watching the news of this play out on national television. I had done something that garnered this much attention, and few people knew about it. It didn't make me happy. It just awed me. What differences we can make at unexpected times, in silent ways, simply because we pay attention to our psychic sense, even if we don't want to.

Why am I telling you this? I want you to know I have had many many impressions about crimes. Sometimes I'm right. Most of the times I'm wrong. This would be true for any psychic. We can hope impressions can help, but that is all. It is frustrating when you're wrong. I didn't feel happy when I was right.

I was left with one last problem: a killer spirit who was furious. I had ruined his perfect getaway. One night I woke up agitated from a deep sleep and started doing searches on the Internet for articles on him, pictures of him, news about someone else he had targeted. I was furious, furious, furious, I should be able to - able to -

I realized his energy was trying to use me. I shoved him out, and contacted friends for help, asking them to send energy to help me keep him pushed out. His energy was an arrogant and furious slime. I never want to feel that again.

This is why I do NOT recommend anyone do this kind of work. The person who can handle it with clarity is a rare soul. I've met a few. But no one should just try this out. It takes experience and knowledge most people don't have. It also takes a good knowledge of psychology and a respect for the law. If you do something the wrong way you could mess up a case for the people who are supposed to bring criminals to justice. You could mislead a search team. Then you'd have to live with it.

The failure that haunts me the most is the child who wandered off into the woods in winter. He didn't know where he was. He thought he was going in a direction he wasn't headed to. I only picked up what he felt. I only picked up what he knew. I felt him slowly grow sleepy and fade off. I had nothing else to help me locate him.

They found him still alive, but he died of hypothermia.

That's still hard to know.

Think about what may come at the end, before you start trying to do anything like this. If you have no confidence in what you sense, if it does not nag at you and stay consistent, you have nothing to contribute to a search. You have to know that you are ready for a tremendous responsibility.

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