Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Famous Psychic Syndrome

Many people feel that psychic sense is a HUGE THING. Too many believe if they find they have psychic sense they should use it professionally, and, too often, launch into the psychic reading business without actually having a clue of what they are doing.

With only a few exceptions, all of the best psychic sensitives I know have never been professional, and aren't interested in being professional. I'm not a professional psychic reader. I'm a teacher. And it's not an example of the old saying "those who can't, teach," it's about not wanting to be placed in a situation where I am expected to perform, instead of giving information that comes to me simply because I'm the right person to receive it and pass the information along to where it needs to go.

When we are asked to perform, we set ourselves up for a higher rate of failure. But people want the performance. That's why the best known professional psychics and mediums are, without exception, better performers  than they are psychics. That's not saying they are all frauds, just that public appearance places the skill for entertainment over the other. How attractive a psychic is depends most on the performance side of things. But the ones who last in the profession, last best because of the psychic ability.

How many of the famous psychics of the past can you name? Those who lean heavily on the performance side of the equation become forgotten - unless some scandal keeps them around as great trivia bits. Otherwise, they are visible only as long as they continue to perform, much like many performers.

I have received many e-mails over the past few years from people who think only a famous psychic can help them. They refuse help from anyone else. But famous psychics' main gift isn't saving people. Famous psychics make people aware. They open the doors. It's usually the most quiet and practical psychics that give the most help. No flash, no fancy moves, no stages, just common sense.  You have to dig to find the great ones.

The best ways to find a good psychic counselor is to attend psychic gatherings and conventions, and talk to a lot of people. Gravitate towards the practical, easy to approach, people. Read blogs and articles on the Internet with this goal in mind: take the ones who treat psychic ability and paranormal experiences as a normal part of their lives and give practical advice about such things, seriously. Those who make their abilities out to be sensational are in the business of making a show.