Thursday, July 12, 2012

On A Question Of Ritual

Someone asked me once if ritual had to be something that is strictly passed down, and I answered "someone created it at one time. Create your own." I continued:

"Any time you use magic ritual you protect yourself and make a safe place in the energy of the universe. You focus on the intention of the ritual to open it, you perform a ritual you absolutely believe in to manifest the intention you have, and you close the ritual, sealing your intention in the energy of the universe. Control every step. In this way your ritual is given its own "life," a beginning, purpose, and end. When done you "open" the safe place you made in the energy and return to your routines.
If you look at any traditional ritual, in any religion, faith, or magical practice, you will find the signs these steps are taken. You can find them even in a regular religious service, like a mass. So each of us can have variations in ritual according to what we believe in, but we should always keep control over what we are doing. It makes the manifestation stronger."

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