Monday, September 24, 2012

To Preserve Freedom...

My mind turns on three basic foundations of thought, that might seem at odds on the surface, but they keep each other on balance, at least the more I've learned about them: rational, critical thinking; psychic sense; and creative vision. These things collide in my dreams when the universal consciousness is under stress. What do I mean? I don't just dream my anxieties. As a psychic dreamworker, I pick up a lot of other people's anxieties as well. Which means, during the past few years especially, my dreams are often hell to have. I had a lot of destructive dreams in 2012 in particular. They became dreams of war. No, you know by now I wasn't prophesying war. I was picking up mindsets of people who were in chaos. But let me explain something in the next posts, that I realized in the most vivid  dreams of that election time:

I have had many prophetic dreams. When I dream of actual war or some kind of destruction coming, I dream of great storms and black tornadoes (signs of negative change) everywhere. I will dream of specific geographical indicators of where trouble will occur. In these dreams I wasn't seeing those signs. In fact, the world was beautiful and in order. There were no drastic changes in the weather. I dreamt a lot about the president, dreams in which we were in schools, in restaurants, and at sports events, clear puns that speak of learning lessons, a nourished public, and healthy competition. I never have a bad dream when the president is in it. The dream is always clear and precise. This particular dream I h'm recalling from 2012 did not have the president in it, but, finally, another bad dream made itself clear, which meant this one made me both highly stressed and relieved!

In this dream, in a world with clear skies and full of spring growth, when my family was gathering together again, a part of the population in our town decided they were at war. The world wasn't, just our local people, who had decided that to protect their freedom they needed to destroy those who would take the freedoms away. They wanted the Walmart saved, the fast food chains protected, the streets of the little town secure. They wanted my hometown returned to the way it was years ago. They announced the war, revved up for it, and made those of us who did not go along with that idea prepare to go into hiding or protect ourselves. Yet the world was still all right. The sun was shining. Spring was everywhere, in a dream full of beautiful colors. I took in everything I could of the beauty, not knowing what would happen next. 

As I was traveling down the road past fields full of azaleas and flowering trees, right when the war was supposed to be starting, I realized the war had already been fought and won. All the people who had decided that there were enemies among us, enemies who wanted to destroy our freedoms, were gone. They had destroyed themselves. They had achieved what they wanted to do. They turned the enemy into nothing.

Look at the mindset of those who have ever made a war. What was their purpose? Were they focused on that purpose? How did it turn out? The focus of those who are fighting the hardest in America right now is over freedoms we haven't actually lost. They wanted to destroy who would take away their freedom. They were the enemy of their own freedoms. So they were self-destructing. 

Two years after this dream, they are still self destructing. They have no heroes, no leaders, and the followers are tired. They are wearing down. And yet the world is still beautiful. And I no longer dream their nightmares.