Monday, June 24, 2013

The Break Is Done

I wanted a bit of a break before beginning this blog anew. For those of you who have been members of the Chip Coffey discussion board, or once read my materials on The Psychic School on Squidoo, you probably know that, now, both are gone. I removed the school because of changes at Squidoo; Chip recently removed the discussion board without notice. I want to say again I appreciate and remember the feedback we had from about 9,000 members from 2008 until 2013, in over 2,000 threads, of which about 1750 were still up and being read until 2013. Some of the ideas developed there will be shared once again in this blog, but I have to say, the members who spent so much time and care taking part in the discussions on the board in the past, I will not forget, you were terrific, and you are missed. I am glad some of us have kept in touch and become friends outside of the board.

I am a writer now, who will be developing psychic, paranormal, and reincarnation subjects into stories and plays I hope a wide audience will enjoy. The first novel A Small Tale of Shakespeare, is available through It's a novel about how the reality of past life recall often has nothing to do with our ideas of reincarnation - especially if you happen to know a tiny woman who remembers being William Shakespeare!

Let me know if you have any questions about any psychic topics. I'm here when you need me.