Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Casting Out The Real Demons

Sometimes it's hard to clear the air after you've been subjected to the negative actions of chaotic people. I mean the truly chaotic, the ones who cannot break their illusions, can't tell what is right and what is wrong, mix them up, fall into a chasm, tumbling through jumbled values. The overriding wish most of us have is that sanity will be restored in them so we can feel all right about ourselves, but it's not going to happen. They will tell you things to try to drag you down with them. You cannot raise the truly fallen angels up.

They have to do it themselves.

In those times you must shut all psychic doors and abandon them. You  have to work through your own guilt at doing it. You have to work through their abusive cries. And find the things that make you most certain that you know your own good, your own wisdom, your own wings. Don't ever let the fallen make you feel that you cannot fly.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not Blessed Are The Demon Makers

What is a demon maker?

This is where the psychic and psychological weapons of human beings really collide.

A demon maker is a person who at the least is trying to malign or destroy a person or group of people that the demon maker is opposed to, in an obsessive and often extremely jealous degree. The energy and focus that the demon maker puts into this effort can, on a psychic level, not only put intense pressure on the target psychologically, but energy wise, affecting both the emotions and health of the target.

The demon maker is the worst of the psychic vampires, because a demon maker really wants to destroy you. A demon maker will convince others to join the attack as drones, drones that don't realize that the demon maker is using their energy to fuel the demon maker's own attack.

Truly psychically gifted demon makers can go as far as projecting demonic images and causing paranormal activity - I have experienced this. This occurs when the demon maker does not want to appear to be the actual aggressor. But, on average, a demon maker uses more mundane ways to disturb and damage the energy and environment of something or someone they want to control. For example, anonymous Internet trolls are demon makers. If they band together and use mob energy, under the direction of an open and virulent demon maker, they can do a lot of damage.

I have been under attack from such a group lately. I don't want to write about it here, because that will open my shielding. But I do want to stress how important it is to use psychic shielding, protection, and grounding during an attack like this. You have to push people like this off of you in every way you can. You also should use a prayer or statement of intention, calling for backup and protection from conscious energy other than your own, in a situation where firmly pushing them off and letting them go is not enough.

This is the intention I am using in my own situation, which has been very bad - my energy is clearer now:

 I call on the guides and guardians of conscious energy to disrupt and remove the human demon makers [name them] who are attacking me. Send energy their way that will disrupt their lives as they have tried so hard to disrupt mine. And by those disruptions, one by one, may they learn that a demon maker cannot lie to the conscious spirit, and may that lesson wake them up to the sane world. May our guides and guardians, however we see them through our faith, take on the burden the demon makers are trying to force on us. And may the guides and guardians of the demon makers fall silent and still at their backs, to help them learn this lesson.

Such an intention, said or written within the framework of your personal faith ("I call upon the angels...") helps strengthen your protection. Also state that the demon makers cannot reverse this intention on you - that if they try, it will only make your intention stronger.

I will be using this intention a lot this coming year. My demon makers have launched an Internet attack that accuses me of many things I am not. Demon makers become so obsessed with conquering their target that they will resort to any method they can come up with. Demon makers are dangerous people. Don't let them feed on you - block them, and protect yourself in every way you can. We don't need people like this in our lives.

Monday, September 12, 2011

But how do I use my psychic gifts?

I think the hardest answer for people to accept about psychic ability and learning to use it is that the rules are simple: Be prepared to say no to whatever you feel you can't handle, but let go of fear. Let go of the noisy thoughts in your head, and prepare for someone else to say something. Tell the universe you're ready to sense, and mean it. Don't assume. Let go of your beliefs and get ready for anything. Pay attention. Shut the door firmly on your sensing when you want no more.

That's it.

We can't explain to you how you'll sense things, because we don't know how you will do it. Everyone has a different way of expressing the sixth sense. You learn what yours is by practice. Practice is usually best achieved by meditating, getting used to always letting go of the noisy thoughts. At first, you might not realize anything happened; then you'll remember you just got a picture in your head, that you heard a voice, that you felt a sensation that didn't seem usual. And you'll think - is that it? Yes. It might just be someone communicating with you. You'll know for sure the more you practice.

Keep a journal of what you feel is psychic experiences. Read about other people's experiences, but don't assume their experiences and yours are just the same. What helps about reading other people's experiences is that you learn the struggle to understand is the same for everyone.

We are leaving behind us the days when psychics were only fortune tellers, when mediums were expected to be entertainment, when false practitioners took up the most space in the psychic world. The readers who used to fake psychic ability have moved on to pretending to be exorcists that remove the "damage" psychics do, because they figure that's where the money is. There will always be charlatans, looking for the money. What's important is that there are truly gifted people out here, professional and private, who are learning to just use the sense they have, and encourage others to do the same, no matter what level of gift or awareness. Turn to them.

That's all. Listen to the universe. It's ready to speak to you.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Psychic Forensics - Solving Mysteries

This is a term that the paranormal investigator Stacey Jones uses to describe paranormal investigations, but, for me, it means investigating disappearances and crimes.

This is one of the top three things most people expect out of psychic ability. We used to get requests for this on Chip Coffey's discussion board constantly before I put up a notice that we would not do this. It's the one thing most people learning to use their psychic sense wish they could do.

Be careful what you wish for.

First of all, let me repeat what I say often: Psychic sense is not a magic ability. It is a normal sixth sense as prone to mistakes as any other sense. Have you ever seen the chef Gordon Ramsay blindfold professional cooks and ask them what meat they are tasting? Some of them are not able to tell the difference between the taste of beef and chicken! You can see something in the distance and when you arrive find it's not what you thought it was at all. You can believe you hear something in the static of a phone that isn't there. Our senses are NOT infallible, because our brains are ALWAYS interpreting what we are sensing according to what we already know.

When trying to sense what happened in an disappearance or a crime, you come to the task with baggage already in place. I've seen a talented sensitive completely misread a crime because she was a mother, and her fears for her own children made her interpret things in the wrong direction. I usually only get feelings, which doesn't give me much to work with. Asked to help find a missing young man, I immediately got a sense of simply being wiped out of life from left to right. There was barely time for shock. This was all the young man knew. It turned out he was on a dark road he didn't know, texting while he drove, and the road curved, sending his car from the left to the right straight into a retention pond. That was it.

The conscious energy of someone who has crossed over usually knows very little about what happened. When you're having a crime committed on your body or an accident is happening, your mind isn't taking notes - it's going into shock. The feelings are the strongest memory. And, in spite of what many people hope, I have not experienced any communication from the dead that convinces me we become all seeing, all knowing after we die. If we ever do, that is something for our higher selves. After death we are dealing with the memories of the ego first, our higher consciousness later. Frankly - our higher consciousness does not care how we die. For the purest form of our consciousness, all that is transition. When the concerns of the ego are lost, so are the pains of memories.

I found, through sensing two separate cases, that if psychic ability is going to give really helpful information, it's going to have to come from the person or persons who commit the crime. In the first instance, I completely refused to give impressions: I saw the murder, but I also saw a line of policemen that went on forever, each holding the murder weapon. It turned out this was what the relatives of the victim suspected, and we went no further - it was dangerous for them.

The only case I have ever actually been able to help on was given as an anonymous lead. Not only was I getting impressions, two sensitive friends were getting impressions that they kept contacting me with, even though they knew nothing about the case. A college professor killed his wife and two of her friends, then disappeared. The victims were friends of a friend of mine. The moment I heard of the crime, I went to Google maps and pinpointed where he had gone. But I didn't trust myself. I said nothing. Still the impressions kept nagging me, impressions that came not from the victims, though the victims were coming to me for help. I was getting impressions from the killer, and I knew it. He had died about a day after they did.

He was bragging. He had pulled off something amazing and no one would ever find him. What?

I knew exactly where he had gone, because a few days later they found his vehicle parked near the reservoir I had zoomed in on. I waited for them to find him. They didn't. They kept checking the airport and looking everywhere else. I was frustrated. He is near the place where the vehicle was found, why aren't they finding him? Finally, with a feeling like a bad child pleased with himself, the killer bragged: "I buried myself before I shot myself."

I thought - no, that's not possible. But I heard from my two friends that they were getting impressions that backed up what I got.

I finally called my friend who knew them all, and asked her if she minded if I told her something psychic. She said go ahead. I gave her as much detail as possible. She said she knew a member of the search and rescue team, and would contact him. This began her job as a go-between, as I sent the directions of where to start looking. I told them they had to use cadaver dogs.

The next day, on the news, I saw a video of the police cars parked exactly where I told them to start looking - the point on Google street view which was closest to the place I needed them to go. It took them a day and a half to search with cadaver dogs. I was so tense I went to a movie on Saturday morning. When I got home, the friend had left a message on my phone: "They found him. Just like you said."

He had dug a shallow grave and lay down in it with his gun, then dragged a wooden pallet covered with dirt and limbs and leaves slowly over himself. It was hard work. His hand was not steady when he shot himself. It took time to die.

I stayed anonymous with the police. The friend asked them if they would give me a reward and was told "we would have found him anyway." I hadn't expected any would come. The dogs got the credit. That was good. They finished the work three sensitives started.

It was very strange watching the news of this play out on national television. I had done something that garnered this much attention, and few people knew about it. It didn't make me happy. It just awed me. What differences we can make at unexpected times, in silent ways, simply because we pay attention to our psychic sense, even if we don't want to.

Why am I telling you this? I want you to know I have had many many impressions about crimes. Sometimes I'm right. Most of the times I'm wrong. This would be true for any psychic. We can hope impressions can help, but that is all. It is frustrating when you're wrong. I didn't feel happy when I was right.

I was left with one last problem: a killer spirit who was furious. I had ruined his perfect getaway. One night I woke up agitated from a deep sleep and started doing searches on the Internet for articles on him, pictures of him, news about someone else he had targeted. I was furious, furious, furious, I should be able to - able to -

I realized his energy was trying to use me. I shoved him out, and contacted friends for help, asking them to send energy to help me keep him pushed out. His energy was an arrogant and furious slime. I never want to feel that again.

This is why I do NOT recommend anyone do this kind of work. The person who can handle it with clarity is a rare soul. I've met a few. But no one should just try this out. It takes experience and knowledge most people don't have. It also takes a good knowledge of psychology and a respect for the law. If you do something the wrong way you could mess up a case for the people who are supposed to bring criminals to justice. You could mislead a search team. Then you'd have to live with it.

The failure that haunts me the most is the child who wandered off into the woods in winter. He didn't know where he was. He thought he was going in a direction he wasn't headed to. I only picked up what he felt. I only picked up what he knew. I felt him slowly grow sleepy and fade off. I had nothing else to help me locate him.

They found him still alive, but he died of hypothermia.

That's still hard to know.

Think about what may come at the end, before you start trying to do anything like this. If you have no confidence in what you sense, if it does not nag at you and stay consistent, you have nothing to contribute to a search. You have to know that you are ready for a tremendous responsibility.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

9/11: Black Cloud, White Cloud

It's the dream I don't forget. I wish I had the skill to do it half the justice of the images. August 30, 2001. I walked out of a desert cantina to see two straight pillars of cloud standing out in a flaming sunset across the desert. The left one was black, the right one, white. I knew I was seeing something extremely important. I, and those around me, stared at the twins for a long time. It was the first of the dreams that warned me of what was coming. But I didn't understand until the event came. These were the twin towers. Black cloud, white cloud. I learned later, when I saw the first version of the documentary created by the Naudet brothers who filmed one of the planes hitting the World Trade Center, that "black cloud" was an epithet for a fire fighter rookie who brought a deadly fire with him, and "white cloud" was an name for one who brought a fire that didn't harm anyone. The Naudets and firefighter James Hanlon had been filming a rookie when the planes hit. Though the black cloud brought thousands of deaths, the white cloud protected the rookie's ladder: none of his company died. It was the only one who lost none of their men.

This is what precognition usually is. Enough to warn you, not enough to stop the event in any way. Why, we don't know. A warning to bear witness, not a chance to change things.

I have done this a lot. It's always difficult. It's never as much as we want to see, or as little. It is a vision that lets us know there is so much more to the universe than we will ever understand. And that, truly, is all you need to know about precognitive dreams. Write them down. Don't try to interpret them unless they nag you to do so - then you're meant to do something. Then wait. This is the ultimate shock and awe. It's something that needs your strength and clarity and patience. Nothing more.

It's all in how you look at it.

I've been going through a rash of people using my profile picture for Psychic Sensibility as "proof" I am an agent of "Satan.". I always laugh.

I like this picture because when people comment on it, I know where their mindset is, and I'm forewarned about  how our conversations about the paranormal might go. What do you see? Is the mask behind me a demon? A green man? A werewolf? Satan "himself?" An angel? Or a feathered representation of Aeolus, the Greek god of winds and weather?

It's the last, of course: See the soft feathers now? No horns, no fur, just the breath of a smile. I love this mask as a symbol for what I always talk about - psychic sense is nothing more than an ability to read the "weather" within conscious energy - psychic sense tells you which way the wind blows.

Do not assume that you know what you are looking at when you try to judge something on first appearances. The only ones who ever get it right are the ones who have seen these things before.

The Difference Between Paranormal And Supernatural

In supernatural beliefs and practices we always build both the good and bad "strangers" on what we already understand - our human frames. We are our own angels and demons. We are our own forms of God. How do we get past that? We accept the difference between the paranormal and normal worlds, and put the supernatural beliefs in a separate place.

Most people would probably think "paranormal" and "supernatural" mean the same things. But if you look at the topics closely, they don't. They are mistaken for each other.

Paranormal means beyond what we can understand scientifically: "Denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding." This doesn't mean that all such events and phenomena will remain without understanding: already, there is scientific research into the circumstances of paranormal events, even if we can't yet explain how the events happen. Carl Sagan, who adamantly rejected what can't be proved, gave, in the video linked here, a plausible possibility for how some paranormal experiences occur. Time, technology, and experience will give us more and more of these explanations for what we can't understand now. The paranormal slowly evolves into normal things.
Supernatural means "beyond nature - relating to a deity or something of a miraculous nature." It has been stretched to include paranormal as a synonym, but it's important to remember how the concept of the supernatural evolved. It came out of the legends and myths that have been used to explain what could not be explained. In history, when paranormal events occurred and those who witnessed them could not explain them in any other way, we have created reasons, beautiful, even poetic reasons for why these things happened. These tales have continued to be so important to human societies many of them have been handed down to today: Angels and demons, sorcerers, fairies, trolls, banshees, vampires, werewolves - the list goes on and on. Even our different faces for God, in our different beliefs, are built on the tales of the supernatural. Some people still believe in these things utterly. More people understand that they are images of faith and still use them to express their faith - They are things of a supernatural language that people of the same or similar beliefs can understand, but the people know that are just symbols of what we can not know ourselves. Then, there are those who reject the supernatural completely, and throw the paranormal events, the actual experiences, out in the same bath water.

The luckiest of people are those in the middle, open both to the supernatural language and lore, and aware of the normal and paranormal reality. I love mythology, and supernatural traditions. I love, still, the Catholic practices that informed my childhood, and will still look to Catholic heroes for comfort, believing in them in my personal way. You can't dislodge the supernatural joys of Christmas or Halloween from my heart. In spite of dealing with the conscious energy of those who have died as part of my daily life, a good old supernatural ghost story will still scare me every time!

But if you don't believe in the paranormal possibilities at all you miss some amazing things. And, if you stay absolutely immersed in the supernatural "truths" of a rigid religious or superstitious mindset, you can do yourself, and others, harm. People don't understand that although it is possible to believe in the truth - truth that can be scientifically or legally or historically verified - belief itself is not the same as truth. Sometimes people's belief in the supernatural not only get in the way of understanding the paranormal, it also gets in the way of how they relate to the natural world.

I will write more about belief in other posts. Belief is the most fascinating and vexing quality of being human. But, for now, think about this: Your ability to deal with unexplained events is compromised if you favor supernatural ideas over your own common sense. One of my favorite psychics, Chip Coffey, relies on his beliefs as a Catholic, and uses supernatural language, but at the same time he tells people again and again to remember "we don't know." That ability to accept that there are things we don't know makes all the difference.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Questions From The Fringe

Answering Questions from people who attack out of ignorance and hatred: I'll add to this later on...

The entire argument of "Christ never did this why should Psychics" comes up often and is a pretty puzzling argument. Number one: whoever brings it up is admitting they think Christ was a psychic, which by all accounts he was. At the same time, they're saying all psychics should be like Christ. Why would any of us assume to be Christ? Wouldn't that be telling people, according Christian beliefs, "hello, we're all powerful, like God." We have no right to assume that mantle, and do NOT. It's a misconception to think psychic ability is a supernatural, religious, or Godly POWER. It is a natural sixth sense. If you go to a psychic who makes claims that he or she can work miracles for you, leave. That's a con artist.

‎"Christ never charged for his services and neither should you." That's my roflmao all time favorite nonsense. Jesus of Nazareth had bills. He had to buy staples and pay rent and taxes just like anyone else. When he entered his full time mission, and was no longer a carpenter, his followers and THE PEOPLE WHO USED HIS SERVICES fed him, clothed, him, housed him, and paid for that donkey that eventually carried him into Jerualem. GET REAL. If you don't pay psychic advisors for their services, they can't do psychic work. If you think they should, please go into your workplace tomorrow morning and tell your boss, "I want continue to work here, but you don't have to pay me one cent for all my work. I think it's a privilege to work fior you, not a necessity that helps me survive. Why should I make you pay?"

Be glad psychic advisors tell you when you have a problem you should take to a doctor, lawyer, or counselor. That means you have a legitimate psychic advisor. I can do medical psychometry to a point, but that doesn't mean I'm a doctor, I'm not going to diagnose you. I know a fair amount about psychology, and use it to give advice, but I know the difference between emotional counseling and mental illness. When we tell someone they should talk to a mental health worker, we know that's the best help for the situation. The most heartbreaking requests I've ever had was from parents who would rather think their children are possessed by negative entities than face they are ill. Illness can be cured faster than ignorance in many cases.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Supernatural Trolls

One of the down sides to any kind of professional practice is dealing with badly managed competition. The silly side of professional psychic work is that if you're good enough to attract the attention of many, many people, you're also good enough to attract the harrassment of supernatural trolls, who are really in competition with you.

No, not the fun trolls like my friend here, Ik the Troll, who I worked with at the Georgia Renaissance Festival for many years. I'm talking about the kind of trolls who want to disrupt things so people will come pay attention to them. They are either the kind who want you to buy their books on how everything you are interested in is fake, or tell you psychic or paranormal interests are evil so you will come to them and pay them to rid you of your evil. Then there are the people who were in the psychic hotline or other businesses who actually were caught doing something wrong, and want to get their money mojo back by attacking professional psychics so people will think they, themselves, have to be legitimate if they're pointing out how bad others are.

Rule of thumb: If someone is personally attacking someone, that's a crime. Period. I found out you can't attack back, because that gives more attention to them and a heck of a lot more work for you. They really have no conscience about what they're doing, they'll use any trick in the book. They are con artists. Don't get sucked into it.

If you dig far enough, you find the skeletons in all their closets.  Examples some of the ones who spout the most posts about psychics being evil and the spawn of satan are professional exorcists; those who want to prove psychics are fakes have their own fakery - sometimes PSYCHIC fakery - in their background. They use sock puppets - either fake identities or the kind of friends that always trail around behind bullies at school - to make little posts about how wonderful they are. Then they wait for those who have fallen for their bait. I have cleaned up some horrible messes from professional exorcists, events that terrified everyone in a home -especially the children. One of these exorcists that I had to clean up the mess of, regularly attacks well known psychics, claiming he is more gifted and intelligent than they are. If he is, video and photoshop work isn't among his talents - he fakes evidence, brings it back to the client and says "you have a major demonic infestation here, let me get rid of it for you." Then he attacks any psychic who tells you to choose your psychic advisor carefully.

The good advice comes from those who mean that. Really, truly, choose psychic advice carefully. I can never say that enough. If you believe in it and want it, then you should have the best experience available. Don't fall for the hucksters and hacks.

In the meantime, just ingore the trolls, which aren't really that many. On the Psychic Kids facebook page I monitor, there are about ten out of about 19,000 members who liked the page who come there to make trouble. That's an amazingly tiny number. They make an awful lot of noise, but so does a box full of nothing but paper when you reach into it.

Trolls like Ik are so much more fun. Go read more about him here. And pay attention to the poster Ik's creator Bryan Thompson made, which is the image for this post. If their words are sweet like kittens, the words are bait. There are times "God bless" isn't a blessing, it's a hook.