Thursday, September 8, 2011

9/11: Black Cloud, White Cloud

It's the dream I don't forget. I wish I had the skill to do it half the justice of the images. August 30, 2001. I walked out of a desert cantina to see two straight pillars of cloud standing out in a flaming sunset across the desert. The left one was black, the right one, white. I knew I was seeing something extremely important. I, and those around me, stared at the twins for a long time. It was the first of the dreams that warned me of what was coming. But I didn't understand until the event came. These were the twin towers. Black cloud, white cloud. I learned later, when I saw the first version of the documentary created by the Naudet brothers who filmed one of the planes hitting the World Trade Center, that "black cloud" was an epithet for a fire fighter rookie who brought a deadly fire with him, and "white cloud" was an name for one who brought a fire that didn't harm anyone. The Naudets and firefighter James Hanlon had been filming a rookie when the planes hit. Though the black cloud brought thousands of deaths, the white cloud protected the rookie's ladder: none of his company died. It was the only one who lost none of their men.

This is what precognition usually is. Enough to warn you, not enough to stop the event in any way. Why, we don't know. A warning to bear witness, not a chance to change things.

I have done this a lot. It's always difficult. It's never as much as we want to see, or as little. It is a vision that lets us know there is so much more to the universe than we will ever understand. And that, truly, is all you need to know about precognitive dreams. Write them down. Don't try to interpret them unless they nag you to do so - then you're meant to do something. Then wait. This is the ultimate shock and awe. It's something that needs your strength and clarity and patience. Nothing more.

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