Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not Blessed Are The Demon Makers

What is a demon maker?

This is where the psychic and psychological weapons of human beings really collide.

A demon maker is a person who at the least is trying to malign or destroy a person or group of people that the demon maker is opposed to, in an obsessive and often extremely jealous degree. The energy and focus that the demon maker puts into this effort can, on a psychic level, not only put intense pressure on the target psychologically, but energy wise, affecting both the emotions and health of the target.

The demon maker is the worst of the psychic vampires, because a demon maker really wants to destroy you. A demon maker will convince others to join the attack as drones, drones that don't realize that the demon maker is using their energy to fuel the demon maker's own attack.

Truly psychically gifted demon makers can go as far as projecting demonic images and causing paranormal activity - I have experienced this. This occurs when the demon maker does not want to appear to be the actual aggressor. But, on average, a demon maker uses more mundane ways to disturb and damage the energy and environment of something or someone they want to control. For example, anonymous Internet trolls are demon makers. If they band together and use mob energy, under the direction of an open and virulent demon maker, they can do a lot of damage.

I have been under attack from such a group lately. I don't want to write about it here, because that will open my shielding. But I do want to stress how important it is to use psychic shielding, protection, and grounding during an attack like this. You have to push people like this off of you in every way you can. You also should use a prayer or statement of intention, calling for backup and protection from conscious energy other than your own, in a situation where firmly pushing them off and letting them go is not enough.

This is the intention I am using in my own situation, which has been very bad - my energy is clearer now:

 I call on the guides and guardians of conscious energy to disrupt and remove the human demon makers [name them] who are attacking me. Send energy their way that will disrupt their lives as they have tried so hard to disrupt mine. And by those disruptions, one by one, may they learn that a demon maker cannot lie to the conscious spirit, and may that lesson wake them up to the sane world. May our guides and guardians, however we see them through our faith, take on the burden the demon makers are trying to force on us. And may the guides and guardians of the demon makers fall silent and still at their backs, to help them learn this lesson.

Such an intention, said or written within the framework of your personal faith ("I call upon the angels...") helps strengthen your protection. Also state that the demon makers cannot reverse this intention on you - that if they try, it will only make your intention stronger.

I will be using this intention a lot this coming year. My demon makers have launched an Internet attack that accuses me of many things I am not. Demon makers become so obsessed with conquering their target that they will resort to any method they can come up with. Demon makers are dangerous people. Don't let them feed on you - block them, and protect yourself in every way you can. We don't need people like this in our lives.

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