Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sense: What The Sixth Sense Really Is

Everyone uses it: Our Direct Perception Of Information From Energy.

People tend to think that the sixth sense is a supernatural power with claims to being all-seeing, all-knowing - but it isn't. It's a regular sense that we all use. How do we perceive our thoughts? Our feelings? Our dreams? That perception is our sixth sense. For most of us, it is a very myopic, self-centered, inward perception. But like any other sense, it is sharper for some people than others, and for a gifted group, that sense is not just a case of nearsense, like near-sightedness, but farsense, picking up information that comes from well beyond our personal physical boundaries.

The sixth sense picks up information that comes directly to the brain, mostly from synaptic activity within the brain, but sometimes it picks up information that is carried on energy waves and pulses from outside the body. Energy carries along information in many ways that we already perceive with our other five senses. This sixth sense is capable of picking up what the other five can't, things that seem intangible, impossible to know until you have the experience of using your sixth sense, and trusting it. The sense becomes sharper with trust and practice. Once you understand that, the next steps are to believe in it, use it, and pay attention to what your sixth sense tells you. Use it simply. It's your natural warning system.

[reprint from one of my Knols.]

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