Monday, August 29, 2011

Scientific Proof Is Out There...

I want to thank psychic investigator Christopher Fleming for this link: Scientific Evidence For Survival. As technology advanaces, we will have more and more evidence that something is going on in the energy that otherwise we would not know - at least not for sure. A good number of people have experienced things over the years in regards to near death experiences that were written off as hallucinations by many. But, too many of us have had these experiences. I have.

This past weekend I stopped breathing while asleep, for a very long time, but I didn't have a classic near death experience (NDE) - I had a series of dreams within dreams as I fought to wake up. I know when I wake up from one dream into another that, physically, I'm in trouble. But I kept waking from one dream into another into another, and I knew if I did not pop the dream bubble, I would return to a state I have known before: the pure light consciousness of crossing over. I kept yelling at the people in my dreams that I knew I was asleep, which way to the exit? I was getting frantic. The "bubble" popped and I was fully awake suddenly, and weak. It's taken me a couple of days to recover.

What was it like when I did have NDEs? The first time, during a severe asthma attack, everything was black: I just heard a voice saying I couldn't come yet. The second time, during apnea, I went directly to the light, and only saw swirling masses in the light that let me know others were with me. Again I was told - this time silently, that it wasn't time. I had to go from waking into dream to dream to get back out again.

The last time was just a brush of an NDE, this past May. I was out at dinner with my housemate Amy. At the end of a good meal, my blood pressure spiked and I tried to have a stroke, apparently. I went directly into the light for a moment. This time I said no, not yet, and came right back. Amy drove me to the hospital.

The emergency room doctor asked if I had seen a tunnel with the light at the end of it, meaning this phenomenon as the symptom of a stroke. I told him no, I went straight into white light. He was puzzled by this - he hadn't heard of it before. I didn't tell him that I wasn't surprised I didn't see a tunnel - why would I? I already knew exactly where to land.

He wouldn't have understood. I feel if we don't yet know where we're going, we will see a NDE either according to our beliefs (see Jesus, angels, Buddha, etc) or see that we are trying to reach something we don't yet understand (the tunnel). That simple.

I'm glad to see evidence that ties into scientific method. I am eager for more.

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