Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Laying Belief Aside To Open Awareness

We are the makers of demons. No one else. Behind every demonic idea is a human mind.

There will be more on this topic, again, and again, as this blog continues. It's the cornerstone of what I teach about psychic ability. Shared on another website today:

Belief is a powerful detour from what the sixth sense is, which is normal. I grew up with all the legends and stories and the fears people had because of them. Then I laid down the idea I had come from a long line of natural witches, I laid down the fears the church had instilled in us, and I just paid attention to what I was experiencing, and how it all worked. I found that problems with the dark side only existed for those who believe in them. Belief in darkness creates the darkness. When you step away from the belief and replace it with a stronger belief in yourself, one that makes the fear calm down, the magically dark problems aren't there. Any idea of fate or destiny goes away and is replaced by the CHOICE we have in how our gifts are used, and what we experience. We need our psychic sense free to handle the darkness that comes out of everyday things. Belief distracts us. Lay the stories aside, clear your mind, and find out what you actually have within you.

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